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Jeremy & John Have Worked With Companies Such As:

3 HOUR jampack training of Predictable Profits Masterclass With Dr. Jeremy Weisz & John Corcoran:  
 In their Masterclass, you'll discover the exact tools, strategies and frameworks to create an unlimited stream of partners, referrals and opportunities for your business while building out a powerful media channel that continues to build your brand, day-in and day-out. ($699 Value)
Get a set of templates and scripts that you can use to start reaching out and building your unstoppable profit machine without the hassle of having to do it all yourself. ($199 Value)

What If You Had A Step-By Step Playbook To:  

Get Direct Access To Your Dream 100 Clients, Build An Unlimited Pipeline Of Partners And Generate More Referrals Than You Can Handle? 

Inside the Predictable Profits Masterclass You Will Discover...

How to identify the exact people you want as clients or partners, and be able to pinpoint them with laser precision
Where to find the people who will become your best partners, even if they don't know who you are, what you do, and even when you ask the question, "why would they ever partner with me"
The specific system Jeremy and John have used to cold outreach thousands of people in their businesses, including what they say, how they reach out, the followup system and the words they use to move the deals forward without pushy, needy or sales-y
How to build the most optimal media platform that simply involves a microphone and an internet connection that gives you access to hundreds of millions of people all over the world (and a platform to give access and distribution to your new Dream 100 Partners!)
The secrets to conducting a world class interview so your guests never get bored, there is never any awkward silence and you ask questions that actually engage the guests and get them to fall in love with you in the process
All of the technology, the gear and the systems needed to build your Predictable Profits System for your business that won't break the bank or cause you endless headaches and frustration as you set up your new partner generating system
The process to turn interview guests into partners and profits without being pushy, or making it feel like a bait-and-switch tactic and instead, making it feel like it's coming from a place of value and a win-win for everyone involved
The 7 never-before-shared strategies to that magnetically and automatically turn an interviewee to a client or partner
The secret to create a value ladder and irresistible offer so your new partners know exactly what you do and how to send deal flow your way
Right now you have an unprecedented opportunity to grow your business using the power of your voice, your network and build your very own media channel without ever leaving your house. Using the Predictable Profits System, you can create 52 brand new connections, partners, and referral sources in the next year alone. What would that do for your business? It's very likely that your business will never be the same again. Isn't it time you did something to build your business and get the recognition, the status and the profits your business deserves? 

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Founder, Bayer Strategic Consulting

Mark Bayer

I got a keynote speech and an all-expense-paid trip to New Zealand, a number of consulting gigs, and I’m now directly connected with many of the top decision makers my space. I couldn’t imagine where I would be without Rise25’s help.

Adrienne Richardson

Working with Rise25 is worth every penny and more…and I know it will continue to pay off for a long time to come. Not just in monetary ways but through the relationships that have been built.

Dave Burlin

Rise25 connected me to my biggest client I’m working with today, and I’m really excited to help them to launch this new startup project. I couldn’t be more grateful to Rise25.